Welcome to our project blog

by Farida Vis

Welcome to our Cultural Values of Digging project blog! I’m very excited to lead this short six-month AHRC Cultural Value project and we are delighted to have found Penny Rivlin, our Research Associate, who will work with us. Please see our project team page for full details about everyone involved in this project.

Rather ambitiously, we decided that a project blog would be a productive way to record some of our initial thoughts and ideas as we are developing our different case studies. Our case studies focus on:

  • The UK print media representations of digging, 2000-2012 (led by Farida Vis);
  • The Winstanley Festival remembering the Diggers (led by Andrew Miles);
  • The recreation of a wartime garden (led by Peter Jackson);
  • The Big Dig (recent initiative encouraging people to ‘give’ through digging) (led by Erinma Ochu).

We plan to blog as often as possible with each co-investigator contributing roughly one blog post a month. Sometimes this will be directly about the case study we are leading, sometimes this will be about other, related topics. Penny will (heroically) blog every week. Through our combined efforts this blog will hopefully be a rich resource for our project and we are very happy to receive comments, either on individual blog posts or more general ones. If you would like to get in touch with us via email, rather than via this blog, I can be reached here. We will try to make the most of social media, specifically Twitter, by using the following two hashtags when discussing the project: #culturalvalue and #digging.

If you would like to share your own thoughts and interpretation around what we have called the ‘Cultural Values of Digging’ and are happy to write a blog post for us, please get in touch. We look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas as the project develops.


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